A dog is a social creature; it needs communication and emotional development. A training ground is exactly the place, where the master and the dog do everything together. The dog receives its portion of attention and emotional load, which often the master gives less than required at home because of the time shortage.

Irrespective of whether you are the owner of a decorative or service breed, you must establish a contact with your pet. It is possible to get a manageable dog by training only in the presence of mutual interest on the part of the owner and of the dog.

This is necessary, first and foremost, for trouble-free habitation under the urban conditions, because an ill-bred and uncontrollable dog makes troubles not only for the owner, but also for strangers. You must admit that a dog, which runs away from the master and scares passersby, is an unpleasant phenomenon. Besides, it is exposed to possible dangers, can get lost, and get under a car...

When taking a dog the owner bears full responsibility for the behaviour of his pet. To the end that a pet would give more joy and would not cause inconvenience, a dog of any breed must be socialised and trained. This should be done under the guidance of an experienced instructor — trainer.