Exhibitions and handling

You have acquired a puppy with show outlooks or decided that your dog is “the best one”?
Then another line of the dog lovers — exhibitions — is open for you.
The world champions, loud victories, travels, medals and cups... perhaps this is what exactly is waiting for you and for your pets.

But for a start both the owner and the dog should learn how to show their worth on the arena. For this purpose there are the handling groups, where you will be taught to exhibit the dog on your own. You can also address professional handlers, who will train the dog and will exhibit it or will teach you individually.

Remember, even if the dog is very promising, you can gain a victory only by investing forces, time and finances in the preparation for the exhibitions.
A dog might be a beautiful representative of a breed, but it will not gain a victory, if fails to show its worth on the arena. A dog must be not just beautiful, but also well-bred. They will excuse a puppy for a tightened lead and jumps on the arena, as for a dog-junior — they will note insufficient training for a show and level down the mark.
The dog’s aggression towards people and other dogs is punished by disqualification.

The handling practical mastering, apart from the show techniques, demands the fundamental preparation and knowledge of anatomy, general exterior, breed standards, zoopsychology, psychology, principles of training, training methods and techniques, secrets of correct breeding, feeding, grooming, rules and regulations of the show, ethical standards of behaviour.