Where to start?

So, you have chosen and bought a puppy.

As soon as your puppy turns three months old it is time to accustom the pet to a dog lead and a dog collar. The collar must not hamper the puppy, make sure that you can freely fit two fingers between the collar and the puppy’s neck, but at that the collar must not be pulled over the dog’s head.

In order to get the puppy accustomed to the collar, first let it smell the ammunition around, then put the collar on while stroking and encouraging the little one.
If the puppy is not worried, leave the collar on, putting the puppy off with a play or a treat.
If the little one is worried, take off the collar and repeat the trial after a while.

Do not let your puppy play with the dog lead and the collar — this will develop into an undesirable habit.

As soon as your puppy turns four months old, you should know: when and how you will train it.
The choice of the instructor and the training type is at your discretion.

As the first step visit the nearest ground. Talk to the instructor. If you get along — begin the training, if not — look for a new ground and for an instructor.

Usually four types of training are used in practice:
individual — the instructor trains you and the dog on the ground,
individual with boarding — the instructor takes the dog with him and trains it, thereafter returning the trained dog. Thereafter you and your dog must attend a course of several lessons.
Individual with a visit — the instructor trains you and your dog in your territory.
Trainings in a group, on the ground. In my opinion this is the most efficient method.

Socialization is group training for puppies of 4–6 months old for the purpose to teach them to socialize correctly with other puppies and to respond to the master’s commands. These lessons are targeted at the correction of mistakes of the master in the establishment of correct relationships with the pet. The training is held in a game form— the master is taught to turn attention of the little one from games to themselves. This is a kind of the pre-entry courses before the obedience training after the puppy turns six months old.
Do not deprive your pet from the opportunity to socialize with the congeners, to play and have a good run, and also to learn something new during the lessons in the puppy’s group.

Cost: free of charge,
Fittings: about €50.

Take along:

good spirits,
handy rucksack to put all fittings,
a broad leather collar,
a short dog lead (3 meters),
a fetch thing (textile and wooden — as dumb-bells),
a muzzle,
a treat,
a handy bag for treats, if you don’t have pockets,
water for yourself and for the dog,
a bowl,
first-aid set,
insect repellent,
bags and a spade — to remove excrements.

As soon as your puppy turns six months old it is time to begin the obedience training — the general course and BH course.
The basic dog training course covers all main commands, apparatus.
BH refers to the preparation of a dog for life in a city, in order to make it easy to control, to teach it to behave in thoroughfare, in a crowd.

Cost: from €4.5 per a training (at least 20 lessons),
Exams: €25,
Fittings: about €20 plus.

At the basic and BH training courses you will need the same as at the socialization course, plus:

good spirits,
a chain — stranglehold,
a 10 meter lead.

After passing the obedience exams you can start training according to the European training system — IPO, which consists of obedience and protection as well.

Cost: from €8 per a training,
Fittings: about €30 plus.

For IPO add to the above-said:

good spirits,
a breast band.