How training goes on?

It is strictly prohibited to launch on the training in bad spirits — the dog feeling that would be nervous and make mistakes.
15–30 minutes before the beginning of the lesson we take a walked over, but unfed dog to the ground. In this case the dog would have an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and during the training it would divert its attention away less.
You will also have time to get ready, if necessary, consult the instructor.

If you are in bad spirits, miss the training and deal with the dog later.

The instructor has got a plan of every lesson, arranged according to the principle “from simple to complicated”.
We start with the simplest, consolidate at home, and repeat on the ground, gradually adding new elements.
The training is held 2–3 times a week, takes about 1.5–2 hours on an average, with short breaks for rest.

Those, who have just started the obedience course, should not only attend training, but systematically train at home — to consolidate the digested material.
A young dog is quick to digest new commands and skills, but without repetition under different conditions it arrives at a conclusion that it must fulfil the commands only on the ground.